Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Penny wise

Arab men do not wear gold jewellery.  However, they are very fond of expensive watches and branded pens.  Most Kuwaiti senior executives take pride in owning a branded pen, the most popular brand being MontBlonc

The pen that is shown in the photo is another premium pen brand, namely, BVLGARI, which is an Italian brand.  It is actually BULGARI but Romans spell U as V, as sarcastically remarked by Mel Brooks in History of the World Part II.  He will call someone in Roman empire "You are Nuts, N V T S Nuts!"


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  1. Hi Sam,

    Its really an interesting hobby and also an innovative (by some)one. Anyway, you have made it much more easier by sending us mail daily which prompts us to go and see the photos. Thanks for your service and wish you all success even in this venture. Sundar