Friday, June 10, 2011

Control your weight

For people leading a sedentary life style it is a difficult proposition to control weight and keeping fit.

Variety of food available across the small country doesn't help the cause of keeping fit.

The vaccum between staying fit and no time for exercises creates opportunity for new businesses to come up.  Calorie Control is one that helps people to lose weight the healthy way.  You register with them and pay a monthly fee.  After that you have to live on the food they supply you.  Some of my office colleagues joined the program and found it useful.  I do not know if they are still continuing with the program, but sure they are using the cup Calorie Control gave to drink tea and coffee!

This photo is from Calorie Control at Jassem Alasfour Towers, Soor Street, Mirqab, Kuwait.


  1. In India so many are living with one-time food or not even that on a day. It is strange, paying money to control food in take.

  2. Aruna,

    You are right. But, in India poor people can have food if the Governance improves.