Monday, June 27, 2011


The Funnel like structures are water tanks.  There are present in few select areas, said to be unique to Kuwait.  That is probably the reason why we have miniature of these in front of some Kuwaiti villas.

There are totally twenty four such funnel type tanks located in three places in Kuwait .  One of three locations is Bayan (in the picture) near the Bayan Palace (nine tanks), second one is South Sura (six) and the last one is in Al-Ardiya (nine).


  1. I have see similar water tank in Anna Nagar-Thirumangalam-100 Ft road intersection. When you travel towards Anna Nagar west from Anna Nagar Round-tana, you can see one such tank right opposite. Kuwait might have designed it first, and later copied by our people.

  2. was thinking of the same Anna nagar water tank when i saw this ....