Saturday, June 11, 2011

Keeping high towers clean

Kuwait's weather is very hot during the summer and very cold during the winters.  That is the only predictable part about the weather.  The unpredictable part is when you will have clear skies and when you will have sand storms or blow hot winds.

Sand storms are seen at any time of the year and are nightmares for tall buildings with glass exteriors. New architecture liberally uses glass exteriors so that the high and mighty get that landscapic view from their cabins of power.

Unfortunately, sand storms leave these glasses dirty.  So, the machines like the one in the photo are in continuous service to clean the tall building exteriors moving from floor to floor.  I have acrophobia, just seeing the cleaners on this machine in a tall structure makes my head spin.  

I used to think why these buildings are not fixed with electric powered wipers like the ones in car.  You have to just spray water switch it on for few minutes to have a clean glass.  Right?

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